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Behind ever great wedding photo is an even greater photographer. The main talent behind our lens is Tse Daniel, a seasoned Toronto wedding photographer who’s experiences have allowed him to honed his skills. Beyond wedding photography, Tse’s extensive coverage of live performances, landscape photography and worldwide travel exploration to the pages of fashion magazines, fashion weeks and capturing backstage footage for several celebrated artists has given him the knowledge and dexterity to capture moments on a whim, under any circumstance.

Tse’s unique style of wedding photography also extends to his expertise in video production and graphic design, rounding out the total package of what should be expected from a  Toronto wedding photographer. With the motto ‘let us preserve your timeless memories’ leading his work, as a client of Tse Daniel Photography, you will have access to the latest trends and technology that the photo industry has to offer. Most importantly, we understand that every client is different, and tailor our packages and services to meet the unique needs for your special day.

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